codePop: The Tweet Sized Language

codePop is an simple and powerful scripting language that powers Beta!. Here are some of the key features:

  • Tweet-Sized Commands: Each command is up to 140 characters for simplicity and ease of use. We’ve reduced the code syntax to simply spaces. This allows students to focus on understanding rather than learning language specific syntax.

    Sample Command: set gravity x:-50 y:600
    Sample Response: Gravity set to: x:-50 y:600

  • Non-Breaking and Friendly Errors: Beta will never crash or shut down on the player. If you give him a command that he can’t understand he will help you. The “Error Messages” are friendly messages from Beta that encourage the player and provide basic syntactical flaws. 

    Sample Incorrect Command: set gravity 100
    Sample Error: “The gravity command requires two numbers. You only provided one.”

  • Instant Gratification: BetaScript is real-time. The moment the player enters their first code he/she will see the benefits of their work immediately. This can spark the curiosity of a life long coder! 

  • The Coder Mindset: Players will walk away with an understanding of how code works. We will key certain key words from the usual programmer vocabulary such as functions, variables, arguments, return and more. This will allow players to translate their understanding of these key programming concepts to any other language they choose. 

There will be some tutorials and a wiki around the time of launch. If you have any questions feel free to comment. 

- Team Beta!